Swim to tease

February 11th, 2010  / Author: admin

skinnydipbx Swim to tease

Jayda is such a horny blond! She always does some teasing on front of her cam and this time she went on for a morning swim. Thought she’d wear her skimpy bikini, but she did even way better than wearing it. What she did was to go naked at the swimming pool and took on the plunge. Couldn’t believe at what I just saw, and I think this is a better idea than to wear those skimpy bikinis.

As she swam at their swimming pool, she did this hot tease which is awesome, caressing her tits then playing on her cunt the next. She’s really making me drool to fuck her on that one, hope to nail her in person. She’s so damn hot! Better check on her web site for more teasing, there’s probably more of this kind that will satisfy all the guys out there!


Hot pool rip off

February 4th, 2010  / Author: admin

jayda brookbx Hot pool rip off

Jayda Brook has always been so hot. And she loves having her cam on and does some horny teasing. Here, she’s at this pool table, wearing her sexy white lingerie. She shows off her plump butt, and whoah what a butt she has, reminds me that of J Lo’s.

She then grabs this pool stick and played it around like a penis. She slowly strips off, and getting naked next, she then shows her tight shaved snatch and tweaks it. Gotta see the other galleries, she makes my day indeed. Got so turned on to her and good thing she has her own web site wherein she could post some of her dirty stuffs online. Visit JaydaBrook.com and you’ll never have a bad day!


Morning strip-off with Jayda

January 28th, 2010  / Author: admin

img 8676bx Morning strip off with Jayda

It’s a great day to start with Jayda doing her very rare morning strip-off. Checked her site and saw this hot pic of her stripping. If this is the kind of chick you’ll see every morning, then, you’ll have a stunning day for sure.

She really does it right, and having this sensual tease is such a turn on. Jayda is a pretty cam whore coed who loves to show off her body once in a while, or whenever she feels it. So be ready to check her site regularly for download updates, ’cause you’ll never know when will she be doing her next strip tease.


Jayda?s hot masturbation at the bath tub

January 21st, 2010  / Author: admin

img 6735bx Jayda?s hot masturbation at the bath tub

Shower has never been this fun. I just had this great day, and what a day to start with a nice bath. On the bath tub, I soaked myself with warm water, and lathered my whole body with soap. But thought there’s something still missing, so I brought out my toy, and started screwing my snatch. Felt amazing, and getting a nice gentle drilling was something I’ve missed doing.

So at my tub, I just played my toy and had it in my pussy. Hadn’t experience a dick yet, but this was a stunning alternative, and it just hit me perfectly with this one. I’ve released my pussy fluids and my play was just so orgasmic, wanted to do it again and again.


Horny amateur Jayda ready to play!

January 7th, 2010  / Author: admin

img 9365bx Horny amateur Jayda ready to play!

Let’s play 9 ball billiards game! It’s my favorite game today and I would love to see you guys play against me and beat you up. I’m getting ready for this tournament, practice hard and hope to beat the crap out of the guys. Let’s see if you’ll have your concentration on the game and not on my hot body. I’ll be wearing my sexiest outfit come game time. For sure everyone will stare at me once more just like I did before. I’m here at my table practicing my shots, and to turn you guys on, I’ll be having a cam.

I’m wearing just my sexy outfit but with no underwear, hope you like seeing my pierced pussy. Just had this piercing a couple of days ago, what can you say about it? Looks sexy huh. Want to try screwing it? It’s tight and wet, you’ll never be disappointed fucking it, satisfaction guaranteed!


Jayda in her cheering outfit

December 17th, 2009  / Author: admin

jayda brook0063bx Jayda in her cheering outfit

Meet Jayda, the cute blond college chick whom guys have a crush on. She’s a pretty hottie with a nice curve. And yes, she’s in a cheer leading squad. Probably the reason why she’s so popular with the guys. Add to that that she’s a stunning teaser. She’s been popular for posing on her cam and teasing seductively, baring her perky boobs on front. Caught one of her pictures and she’s awesome. She was outside their home, maybe she’s going to class, wearing her cheerer outfit.

She will be heading to the game and before going there, she had a hot pose on her cam. She lifts up her top, and shows her titties. She has no bra, and boom! her tits are exposed and striking some hot pose. She bends over and lets her pierced shaved pussy be seen. She has no underwear too and that makes it even hotter.


Shower fun with Jayda

December 10th, 2009  / Author: admin

img 6860bx Shower fun with Jayda

Hey guys, check out my latest post. Received so many emails regarding their request to have me naked. Naked is your request, so here’s your request, granted! Showing off this hot pic of mine shot at the bathroom while I was having a shower. It will surely make you guys out there go crazy on my sexy body.

Feel my mouth watering plump tits as I lather this soap all over my naked body and lick on my precious tight snatch. As I held my fingers on it, I felt a different kind of high. But I was looking for something hard and long. Hope you guys could help me out on this thing. Meanwhile, enjoy my shower fun!


Jayda shows off her tits

December 8th, 2009  / Author: admin

img 5650bx Jayda shows off her tits

Just got house from shopping. Bought some lingerie and some sexy clothes, and also some kinky stuffs. Let me show you one of the lingerie I’ve bought. Isn’t it hot? Gonna try this on, but wait, let me change my clothes for a while. Ok, I’m gonna change here in front of the cam so you guys would have a better look at it. I’m gonna rip off, did you see my bra, well, I bought it today, and I’m wearing it now.

Fetish over lingerie huh, well that’s just me, just love to have these sexy stuffs. How about taking it off and showing my tits. That would be nice I think. Check it out guys, you’ll gonna miss a lot if you will not see me naked!


Jayda loves to play a long hard bat

December 5th, 2009  / Author: admin

jaydabrook88 Jayda loves to play a long hard bat

I love to play with balls and bats.. Especially if that bat is hard and long. I’ve always been a fan of baseball and playing softball so I thought I’d do a photo shoot in my baseball uniform. However, I was shopping yesterday and came across this rather revealing and very slutty uniform. Take a look at these video samples of me teasing in my naughty uniform.

It’s hard not to notice that this jersey is a little bit different than the average baseball jersey. First off, it really shows off my cleavage and tits. But it also is very short. When I bend over in the right direction, you can tell that I’m not wearing any panties. I ended up undoing a few buttons and soon the camera got a lot more than just a peek at my breasts.


Jayda soaked with soap at the bath tub

December 3rd, 2009  / Author: admin

img 6623bx Jayda soaked with soap at the bath tub

Getting so hot, Jayda just went at her bath tub and there she took a bath. She soaked her body with soap and lathered it throughout. She rubbed her cunt with her fingers and and mashed her huge perky boobs. All done in front of the cam. Lover, it’s like peeping her up and it was a perfect treat for all of the guys out there. She was often seen doing this and exposing her naked body was something to drool for.

On the other hand, she’s craving for a dick, to penetrate her tight penis craving cunt. Oh how she missed a dick fucking her. She’s so horny and doing a seductive tease will surely attract more guys.

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